Fax to email for South Africa

We live in a global village and the world has become smaller and within reach of everyone; if not in person, than in information and services.
The digital world is alive and well in South Africa and we feature many of the same products and services that are on offer in the best of countries.

In South Africa the fax to email is one such service. This enables the individual or business to send faxes to someone who has only an email address, provided that he/she is registered to the service. Neither party needs to have the physical equipment for the sending of a fax. Neither do they need a landline for these faxes are sent via digital lines to anywhere in the world.

The registration for the fax to email service is free and so is the installation. The user does not have to download additional software to assist in the functioning if the service. All faxes received are free for ever; the person who sends a fax will however be billed by Telkom for the cost of a normal telephone call – not expensive at all.

The person who uses the fax to email in South Africa can send multiple faxes at the same time; similarly he will be able to receive a number of faxes at the same time. This service does not keep working hours and can be operated 24/7. Never again will you have to try again and again to get a fax through.

Your fax is sent in a PDF format as an attachment to an email to the receiver. Other formats such as PS and TIFF can also be used if preferred. On his side, he can save it on his computer but can also print the document if has to complete, sign and fax it back. By using a fax to email service it means that you don’t have to buy toner for a fax machine and the machine will also not be dumped at the end of its life – good news for trash dumps and Carbon dioxide footprints.