Fax to Email

It has never been easier to make use of modern technology and modern software to send faxes to email instead of sending them to normal fax machines. This, however, depends on the service you use. When you fax to an email account, you will be classified as the “sender” and will thus need to pay for this service. Many of these services refer to sending faxes to email accounts as “faxing out” and this will allow you to send faxes (from fax machines or email accounts with an internet connection) to local and international fax numbers.

What you will need to get is receiver’s fax number (they have to be signed up to receive faxes to their email inboxes in order for this service to work). Once you have the fax number, you can simply place the document you need to send in the fax machine, press in this number and the fax will be sent as an email to the receiver. People worry about the format the receiver gets on the other side and whether or not the receiver will be able to view the document successfully. However, you do not have to be concerned at all, because the document you fax from a machine will be received as an “attachment”, which the receiver will be able to successfully open on their PC’s, laptops, PDA’s or even on their mobile phones (phones such as BlackBerry or iPhone). These devices are sure to have software installed to open the document. In fact, using this method of faxing to email is safer, because the document is protected, saved on the fax to email service provider’s server and the receiver does not have the risk of losing a physical document in the pile of faxes they might receive. You will also have the option of typing in a reference and you details when you send the fax to email so your fax is easily identifiable by the receiver.

Make sure your receiver has a correct and working fax to email number before you send any faxes; otherwise you will be wasting your time and money.

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